The Legacy Bundle: First Gen Inventions

The Legacy Bundle gives you the chance to experience our first generation of items that are no longer around. Plus: never-before-seen magical treasures.

A reality-shaping mix of memorable gadgets from our early beginnings. User-friendly, results-driven instructions included.

Access a wide range of charms, video spells, manifestation guides, and more. All 57 items are made for users of all levels to get great results.

16 magic charms — Beautiful magic totems

3 video spells — Charmed video imagery

5 manifestation guides — Do-it-yourself spells

7 KAOS Machines — Charmed desire boards

6 audio spells and charms — Sonic sorcery

🆕 Magic Goodie Bag — 20 bonus items

Get the Legacy Bundle

16 powerful magic charms

Digital and printable

A selection of user-friendly magic totems, each programmed with its own unique superpower. Download your charm of choice, and unlock the magic in just a few minutes.

I/O: Master sigils & charms set

Supercharge your sorcery with 12 sigils designed to make your magic more successful and boost your ability to attract more opportunities, luck, synchronicities that lead you towards achieving your goals.

Miracle Gold: Unexpected miracles find you

A twist on the legendary lucky charm, Miracle Gold gives you shots of good luck, brings meaningful coincidences, and attracts out-of-the-blue awesome.

XAOS: Your deepest desires appear before you

The wish-granting charm, used solo or with the bonus manifestation routine inside, forcefully helps materialize your most meaningful goals, dreams, and ambitions.

Lionheart: Cool calm certainty strengthens within you

Go from worrier to warrior with this charm for unbreakable confidence, courage, and conviction. Clear negative thoughts and armor yourself with self-belief, unlock a strong sense of faith, and find strength in the face of fear.

L-I-N-K-S: Attract the right people

For anyone who wants to build beneficial connections, enjoy meaningful relationships, or simply make new friends. All sorts can be achieved: love, friendship, business partners, influencers, affiliates, team mates, and so on.

3 transformative video enchantments

Stream online or download

Shape your reality with charmed video imagery combined with the tried & tested methods used in magic spells, power symbols, and audio-based enchantments. Press play, watch the video, and repeat as often as you like to enhance the effects until satisfied.

Unfair Advantage: Gain an edge

A 77-second video charm for luck in competitive situations and being seen as the superior choice to others when needed. Based on the one core intent: Advantage over others, always.

Unstoppable Execution: Get things done

A 77-second video charm video charm for motivation and success in whatever you do. Based on the one core intent: Always complete important tasks.

Unfading Love: Attract your one

A 77-second video charm for meeting the love of your life and enjoying deeply meaningful relationships. Based on the one core intent: Love of my life.

5 easy-to-follow manifestation strategies

PDF guides

Follow step-by-step manifestation routines to achieve real observable results.

M*gic Masterclass: Sigil magic

A results-focused, short ebook on how to manifest your desires with real, symbol-driven magic. Without years of study or training. Brilliantly presented for beginners who want to get started quickly.

Sonic Inception: Create reality-shaping audio sigils

Discover how to easily create powerful audio sigils and start attracting golden opportunities to make any desire a reality. Sonic Inception covers everything you need to know about audio sigils, from theory to creation to usage. Includes extra advanced strategies, tools, and shortcuts for getting observable results.

Amorous Intent: Find genuine romance

Manifestation routine for attracting love.

Dream Ink: Repaint your reality

A symbol-driven manifestation technique using art.

Magic is Real: Part Two

A limited edition follow-up to our current Magic is Real manifestation guide. Guides you through servitor creation.

7 KAOS Machines: Heavily charmed desire boards

Ready to print out on A4 paper

A KAOS Machine is a supertool for achieving a desired result or experience.

Each board is enchanted with high-focus magic charms and master sigils for effectively achieving your target intent. Simply print out your black & white KAOS Machine onto a piece of paper and write your details inside the name area.

KAOS Machine #002: Golden Nudge — Have More Things Go Your Way

You: Always in the right place at the right time. Circuit #002 steers you towards favorable outcomes, achieving success, and unexpected fortunate events & circumstances. Built with six charms linked to your end goal: luck & fortune, miracles, synchronicities, opportunities, success, magical results.

KAOS Machine #003: Sweetest Taboo — More Sexperiences

Circuit #003 is laser focused on enhancing your desirability for sex, and boosting the number of opportunities for you to enjoy sexually satisfying relationships. Built with six charms linked to your end goal: sex, orgasms, sexual abundance, sexual satisfaction, limitless sexual opportunities, sexual desirability.

KAOS Machine #004: Wealthify — Make More Money

Attract more opportunities for financial growth. Circuit #004 opens up the pathways for making, earning, finding money. Built with six charms linked to your end goal: wealth, attracting money, having money always available, luxury, financial abundance, opportunities to make money.

KAOS Machine #005: Rare Species — Find Your Ideal Lover

Looking to bring genuine romantic love into your life? Circuit #005 places you on the accelerated path towards meeting ideal partner(s) who will love & cherish you. Built with six charms associated linked to your end goal: ideal lover, beautiful romance, deep intimacy, soulmates, finding true love, abundance of love.

KAOS Machine #006: Bezos — Boss Your Business; Grow Your Empire

Circuit #006: Specially made for business owners and entrepreneurs to boost sales and run a profitable business. Built with six charms linked to your end goal: always achieving business goals, abundance of business opportunities, easily attracting clients and customers, sales coming easily, income growing constantly, financial freedom.

KAOS Machine #007: John Wick — Kill Work Projects and Get Shit Done

Circuit #007 stimulates inventiveness and fuels you with strong long-lasting motivation to get important tasks completed successfully. Built with six charms linked to your end goal: unstoppable focus, commitment, and willpower; taking action always; successfully completing tasks; abundance of new unconventional ideas; authentic expression; effortless creative problem solving.

KAOS Machine #001: Supercharge Your Magical Intents

Featuring 9 magic-boosting power symbols, Circuit #001 enhances magical proficiency and results for manifestors of all levels. Simply print your black & white Kx and place up to five custom goals into the charmed boxes inside. Create more as needed.

6 super audio spells and charms

Play on your smartphone, tablet, or PC

Magical ear candy. Short & sweet, innovative MP3 enchantments, optimized for quick & easy listening through speakers or headphones. Use like a daily or weekly vitamin.

magic.mp3: Magic to your ears

An audio spell designed to speed up the materialization of your specific intent or outcome. Play, wish, and done. Force new manifestation paths by just listening to your manifestation track and focusing clearly on your desired end result.

marvel.mp3: Attract meaningful coincidences

Open the flow of timely synchronistic events, luck and fortune. Once you start regularly listening to marvel.mp3, ultimately expect positive co-incidences, discoveries, surprises, synchronism, and out-of-the-ordinary, meetings, and opportunities. Being in the “right place at the right time”. That sort of thing.

mingle.mp3: Upgrade your social fluency

Interact with more comfort, ease, and confidence. Once you start regularly listening to mingle.mp3, ultimately expect to see a positive change in the way you approach social events/get-togethers, a boost to your self-esteem, and an improvement in the way you communicate with strangers and people you already know.

tango mp3: Attract sexually satisfying relationships

Materialize your sizzlin’ hot intents. Once you start regularly listening to tango.mp3, ultimately expect to meet more ideal partners who are interested in you, encounter opportunities for sex & deeply meaningful relationships, and get the kind of relationship you want & deserve.

trigger.mp3: Get more done

Become a person of action. Once you start regularly listening to trigger.mp3, ultimately expect an increase of energy and motivation to do more of the important things you absolutely need to do.

pocket.mp3: Make, win, or find extra money

Attract opportunities to build wealth. Once you start regularly listening to pocket.mp3, ultimately expect financial opportunities, ways to decrease debt and increase your revenue streams, and positive co-incidences & chances for you to create a more fulfilling life.

🆕 Bonus: All 20 premium items from the Magic Goodie Bag

A variety of enchantments, audio-visual tracks, and rituals to enhance your life and open new possibilities. As featured in the Magic Goodie Bag bundle.

Clover X: Unlock your luck

The modern, audio-visual version of our most popular magic spell, Clover. Designed to bring good luck and prosperity. Simply play the video enchantment, immerse yourself in the sounds, and let the magic work for you.

Launchpad: Tap into limitless potential

A magical touch-tool to bring your goals and desires to life. Simply download the image to your phone and follow the step-by-step manifestation routine inside.

Banked: Align your reality to wealth

Unlock abundance with this simple, yet powerful, money manifestation ritual. Includes step-by-step instructions and a magically-programmed audio track for wealth generation.

Inner Incantations: Spoken word magic

Improve your outer world with mental conversations. Includes a step-by-step guide and MP3 to supercharge your affirmations.

New Light: Attract your crush’s attention

An MP3 psychic influence tool to help you catch your crush’s eye and spark their attention.

Leap: Take fearless action

A video spell designed to help you overcome your fear of the unknown and take bold, decisive action towards your goals.

Ripple: Make an impact on others

Ripple is a magic symbol that empowers you to subtly yet significantly influence others in your social relationships and daily interactions.

Diamond Dust: Enhance your magical operations

Elevate your magical endeavors with Diamond Dust — an audio-visual track, featuring a potent manifestation charm and sonic elements.

Espresso: Awaken your senses

Experience a revitalizing energy boost and enhanced mental clarity with Espresso, an audio spell designed to replicate the sought-after effects of drinking coffee.

Golden $plash: Generate money making luck

An effective money magic ritual, and visual-audio spell, used to attract golden opportunities to find, make, or earn money; get clients and customers for your business; land your ideal job; and more.

Eureka: Find brilliant solutions.

Eureka is a video spell (made with Subliminal Sorcery technology) to help you make remarkable progress in problem solving.

Magic Emails: Messages to shape your future

A modern manifestation technique used to enrich your life in various ways: Get a new job, acquire more clients and customers, improve your confidence, earn more money, find your soulmate, and more.

Lucky Shot: Sonic enchantment for good fortune

An unreleased Subliminal Sorcery MP3 track, designed to open the flow of timely synchronistic events, good luck, and out-the-blue fortune. Listen in and activate the magic for more of those little unexpected miracles in your life.

Sapphire Swirl: Protect against harm and evil influences

protection video spell for warding off curses that undo your good fortune. (It also makes it less likely for you to face any general, day-to-day nastiness with people, and protects you from negative energy/influence given off by others.)

Eye Candy: Boost your charm

glamor and charisma audio charm, magically programmed to enhance the way people feel about you.

Wealthstory: Wealth hypersigils with ChatGPT

Explore the concept of hypersigils and how you can use ChatGPT to create a powerful and personalized manifestation tool.

Christmas Miracle: Make a wish

An exclusive, wintertime Subliminal Sorcery track that allows the listener to exploit the wish-granting energies of the Santa Claus thoughtform. A once-a-year opportunity.

Clover Machine: Generate luck for your number one goal

symbol-based ritual for achieving that one big thing you think about every day. Simply fill in the box and let the magic work to create a wide variety of magical results: from changing your behaviors, to attracting golden opportunities, to securing material desires.

Dreamcatcher: Sweet dreams

A protective audio talisman that’s used to encourage sweeter dreams and protect you from those not-so-sweet ones. Plus: sonic sorcery designed to help you unwind and fall peacefully into sleep at bedtime.

Moongold: Open new possibilities to acquire wealth

Inspired by an ancient money magic ritual, Moongold is an enchanted audio track to help you attract more financial opportunities into your life.

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