Quick Start: Spellfire makes virtual candle magic possible (and powerful.) Use it to manifest desires, meditate, or relax & recharge. To manifest a specific outcome: Play the Spellfire video to light your virtual candle; focus on the flame and audio track; imagine the experience you would like to have in your life (or use whatever manifestation routine works for you.)

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Part One: Access Spellfire

Part Two: Using Spellfire

Part Three: Next Moves

Part Four: Other Settings

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Part One: Access Spellfire

How to get Spellfire on your device:

Download/Stream Links

You’ll automatically be emailed a link to your files. This link should arrive within minutes. If there’s an issue, please get in touch and that will be sorted out for you quickly.

Choose your candle

Spellfire comes with two candles. One was developed for PC users with larger screens, and one has been optimized for use on devices with smaller screens (like smartphones), but feel free to use whichever one you like. Both work exactly the same and it’s up to you to choose which resonates with you more.

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Part Two: Using Spellfire

Spellfire can empower any intent to manifest a desire or effect. Feel free to use your own manifestation ritual or follow the imagination-based approach outlined below.

Step 1: Set your magical intent

Before you begin, figure out exactly what you want.

You can simply think about this for a moment or write it down, clearly and concisely.

• Set one clear goal 

• Use positive words 

• Use the present tense 

• Describe the final state

For example:

– I am in a loving relationship

– My online business makes $10,000 a month

– I am incredibly confident with women

Step 2: Press play to light your candle. (Try it in a dark room?)

View Spellfire from a comfortable distance on your PC, smartphone, or tablet. You should be able to see a burning candle and hear a music track playing in the background.

If you want to take advantage of the track’s ability to put you into the ideal manifestor’s state, listen to the track. Otherwise, if you don’t want to listen to it, you can keep the volume minimal, at its lowest setting if you want.

Note 1: Spellfire was designed for use anywhere, in any setting, so doing your ritual in a room with low light or even complete darkness is optional. That said, doing candle magic in the dark is a different experience, and will probably enhance your focus and the overall feel for your magical work. Why not give it a try once and see how you feel about it(?)

Note 2: If you’re using your phone, you may want to turn it on to Silent Mode or turn off notifications so you don’t get distracted by a phone call or message!

Note 3: Go into full screen mode for the best viewing experience.

Step 3: Focus on the flame. Soak in the sounds.

Clear your mind and breathe deep as you effortlessly sink into a deep level of relaxation.

Depending on how you do candle magic, you may close your eyes if you want. If you are following this particular manifestation routine, close your eyes whenever you are relaxed and ready to continue.

Step 4: Influence a real-life result through the dream world

What do things look like, now that your desire has manifested in your life? 

When you’re ready, imagine yourself enjoying or experiencing the exact, ideal end result you were looking for. As if it is happening in real-time, right in front of you. 

Think of this part as having a mental voodoo doll of your world in your mind; one that you can manipulate with imagined experiences — to manifest a real-world result. In other words, the thoughts you project here will start to make your wish a reality.

This part is all about seeing, from your own perspective, what happens as a consequence of this manifestation. Be as detailed as you want. Involve as many senses as you can during your vision, and don’t worry if they’re not representative of real life. 

In this scene, you are experiencing the fruits of your desire in real-time. Think about how your desired outcome looks, sounds, feels, smells. Reflect on how this outcome makes you feel emotionally. 

Feel — in the emotional sense of the word — like you are really experiencing the scene. Hone in on those feelings and intensify them.

Step 5: Complete 

When your session is complete, acknowledge the end of your ritual, move on, and continue with your day.

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Part Three: Next Moves

Your work is complete. 

Feel free to reinforce your work any time. As you do this, your intent will float gently into the corridors of your deep mind. This trance-like state, where you focus on your desire and nothing else, uninterrupted, will embed your magical intent and begin your journey to achieving that desire.

We’ll end with some 5 quick pointers that will help you unlock magic’s life-changing potential.

1. Keep it up

It’s possible to manifest incredible outcomes from just one round of this technique. Imagined experiences are extremely impactful on the psyche. That being said, repeating your “vision” experience every day can help manifest your desires faster and more reliably. 

Continue the practice of imagining daily with Spellfire, and the “realignment” of your external reality to match your inner pictures (and the emotions they inspire) will begin to take place.

2. Know precisely what you want

It seems obvious, but you must know exactly what you want before you begin.

It’s not enough to be vague about this; you must strip back all the added layers to find that goal. If this takes a little more time, that’s okay. The quality of

the results will only reflect what you put into it. Knowing your exact intention is key to this.

3. Take your opportunities as they come

Being positive and proactive in your journey for results is crucial. A fundamental part of that is to first accept that results may arrive in all sorts of ways – ways you never thought possible. You must be ready with open arms for all manifestations and to recognize when to capitalize on your chances.

4. Focus on what really matters

It’s easy to get caught up in the means to an end, and that can send you wildly off-track. It’s best, with magic, to focus on the end result and to let your subconscious mind decide the route.

5. Step back and put things into perspective

Focusing on the result too much will make a mountain of a molehill. It will warp expectations, add pressure on a situation, and unsettle the magic. The reason for this is simple: every moment spent checking whether the magic has worked will reinforce any doubts you may have about getting that result.

The most effective way to do that is to treat the result in a nonchalant way. Remind yourself the end product isn’t the end of the world. Focus on individual components, one step at a time, that will lead to that goal. The moment you put that result on the back burner, the more likely it is to become a reality.

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Part Four: Other Settings

There are many ways you can combine Spellfire with other rituals.

Sigil magic

Hold the image of your sigil in your mind. See your symbol as just a picture. Of course, your subconscious mind will absorb the hidden meaning of the symbol as you visualize it.

You can learn about sigil magic in this blog post: http://extraoddinary.com/sigil-magic


Chant at a comfortable volume, or simply recite in your mind. Like graphic sigils, the meaning will be registered by your subconscious each time your mantra or affirmation is spoken.

You can learn about creating mantras in this blog post: http://extraoddinary.com/verbal-sigil-magick

You can learn about creating more effective affirmation statements in this blog post: http://extraoddinary.com/statement-of-intent

Purchased tools and techniques

You can combine Spellfire with other items, including those from other sellers. Follow the item’s instructions with Spellfire playing in the background.


Focus on the flame and soak in the sounds as you effortlessly sink into a deep level of relaxation.

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