Magical Inventions

Magic is Real course – Part One

Manifest your desires with absolute precision and success

Manifestation course

Magic is Real – Part Two

Use your mind to influence the real world and get what you want

Magic is real – part two


Activate magic charms effortlessly

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KAOS Machines

Heavily charmed desire-boards

Kaos machines catalog

Circuit #001

KAOS Machine specially designed for magicians & manifestors

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Supercharge your sorcery

Learn more about I/O

Audio Spells

Get your daily shot of magic

Audio spells catalog

Magic Charms

Beautiful little reality shapers

Magic charms catalog


Open your third eye

Learn more about 3E


Audio track for effective manifestation

Learn more about magic.mp3


A box set of powerful magic charms


Sonic Inception

Create powerful audio charms

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Magic Pass

Get an all-access pass to every invention

Magic Pass