The “Hustlers University” for Crypto, Forex, and Futures Traders

Endgame: Become a funded trader, managing up to 6 figures.

Insiders Circle is a community of ambitious individuals, achieving financial independence and freedom from the constraints of traditional employment.

Freedom to live life on your own terms.

As an aspiring trader, you understand the potential for financial freedom that comes with successful trading and investing.

However, lack of technical knowledge and limited funds can pose significant challenges to achieving your goals. 

That’s where Insiders Circle comes in. Our expertise will help you pass the funding challenges provided by prop firms like FTMO and MyForexFunds ⁠—⁠— giving you the ability to independently manage your own six-figure trading account.

A comprehensive approach.

Led by Rumi, owner of extraOddinary, with over a decade of experience in financial trading, Insiders Circle offers: 

1. Fundamental trading skills: master navigating price charts and understand the principles behind price movements in crypto, forex, and futures markets. 

2. Trade execution: learn how to execute trade ideas provided by our expert group admins, eliminating the need for years of technical skill development. 

3. Risk management and psychology: gain a comprehensive understanding of trading beyond buying and selling. Our videos and Q&A sessions provide expert guidance on risk management and psychological strategies

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