Why Your Imagination is a Manifestation Machine

Why Your Imagination is a Manifestation Machine (And How to Start Using It)

Your Subconscious Mind is a Miracle Worker

As you probably know: your subconscious is the driving force behind all of your manifestation abilities.

Indeed, magical rituals and manifestation practices—in a nutshell—are simply methods for embedding your conscious desires upon your subconscious mind.

When the infinite power of the subconscious mind gets put to work behind the scenes, a person quickly manifests their intent in big ways. The difficulty lies in effectively communicating your desires to the subconscious.

Your Subconscious Mind “Thinks” With All Your Senses

Many people struggle with manifestation because they get too caught up on words. They try manifesting their desires through verbal affirmations, intense prayer, and chanted mantras—all to no effect.

Why is that? I’ll explain…

While the conscious mind is a stream of internal dialogue, the subconscious mind is very different. The subconscious mind is doer, not a talker. It responds to vivid, sensory-rich experiences much more readily than it takes to mere words. As the great author George R. R. Martin puts it in his books, “Words are wind.”

Thus, when used properly, your imagination can bridge the gap between your conscious desires and your incredible subconscious’ manifesting power. That’s because your imagination speaks the subconscious’ native language (that being: sensory-rich experiences).

Paint a Mental Picture to Manifest Your Desires

Imagining your desired outcome is perhaps the most effective way to marshal your subconscious forces to a cause. In broad strokes, it’s done like this:

1) Figure out what you want: Write it down, clearly and concisely. It must be specific and it must genuinely excite you. But at the same time, it can’t be so grand that you seriously doubt its possibility. Strike a balance between stimulating and reasonable.

2) Examine the emotional byproduct: Ask yourself how this outcome would make you feel at the moment it came to fruition, and write these feelings down too.

3) Craft your scene: Now take your intent and craft a sensory-rich imaginary scene. In this scene, you are experiencing the fruits of your desire in real-time.

Do not get too caught up on the visual aspect of your “vision.” Remember, sight is only one of your five senses. Make sure that the scene stimulates your others as much as possible. Include sounds, smells, and touch-sensations as well.

4) Relax, imagine and intensify: Find a quiet, comfortable place to be alone and relax. Clear your mind. Breathe deep. Feel yourself grow slightly groggy—almost like you’re about to take a nap. Then, when you’ve entered into a very relaxed, almost semi-conscious state, gently take the helm of your mind and begin playing out your scene.

If you’ve done everything right, you will start to feel—in the emotional sense of the word—like you are really experiencing the scene. You want to hone in on those feelings and intensify them. If you’re experiencing joy over meeting your dream lover, for example, will yourself to really feel that joy. Emotion is the sixth sense of the subconscious—and it’s the most important aspect when it comes to visualizing your desire.

Rinse and Repeat

It’s possible to manifest incredible outcomes from just one round of this technique. As any psychologist knows, mental imagery and imagined experiences are extremely impactful on the psyche. That being said, repeating your “vision” experience every day can help manifest your desires faster and more reliably.

This article was written in collaboration with A. T. L. Carver, author of You’re Imagining Things. For a more in-depth explanation of the ideas you’ve just read, check out his book on Amazon.com.

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