Attract More… Good Stuff

A do-it-yourself spell for good fortune, luck, and positive outcomes

Today I’ve designed for you 3 power symbols, programmed with specific intentions:

1) Good Luck
2) Positive Outcomes
3) Good Fortune

Follow the simple instructions below as I show you how to use these symbols for those intentions to manifest.

Power Symbols

You’ll use magical power symbols, each specially designed with a specific purpose of improving your luck, attracting opportunities, and swaying things your way.

Some ideas for using these symbols once printed or drawn:

– Carry inside your wallet, or purse, or pocket
– Keep under your pillow
– Place in your workspace/work environment

1. Good Luck

Good Luck Magic Spell

2. Positive Outcomes

Positive Outcomes

3. Good Fortune

Good Fortune

Once planted, move on, and may now forget about them or simply let them blend into your day-to-day.

Ready to go?

Let’s get to it! Download your symbols, adjust to your preferred printing size, and use them as I’ve suggested above.

Here’s all 3 in one JPG file your convenience, ready to print: