18+ Only 

Boost your sex life

Meet women eager to satisfy you sexually


Get Lucky is a video sex spell for straight men who want a better sex life.
It’s new-school magic using charmed video imagery, combined with the tried & tested methods used in our reality-shaping spells, MASCOTS, and audio-based enchantments like awaken.mp3 and magic.mp3.

 Step 1: Open up GetLucky.mp4 

Your charm is ready to download or stream online anytime on any device: smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

 Step 2: Watch the video 

Relax, hit play, and focus on the video.

 Step 3: Done 

Repeat as often as you like to enhance the effects.

Featuring 7 powerful charms

Get Lucky is based on the core intent:

⬤ Passionate sex with women

To make this more likely & frequent, we included a breakdown of the goal that defines the desired experience:

Intensely pleasurable orgasms
Women approach me with sexual intent
Satisfying blowjobs
Wide selection of sex partners
Women are eager to satisfy me sexually
Cumming inside women

A 7-minute video spell

● Real magic + neuroscience + psychology
Embedded frequencies and extraOddinary’s secret sonic sauce specifically for enhancing the effects

● Clutter-free
No guided meditation, hypnosis, affirmations, words, subliminals

● Efficient enchantment
7-minute high-quality video for quick viewing anytime, anywhere

Warning: 18+ only. This is a very explicit video charm made for private viewing only. It features male-female couples going at it.

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