The final invention 

Achieve your best
financial destiny

Enhance your money making potential

Gains Video Money Charm

A video charm for wealth-building
and good financial luck

Whether you’re looking for extra sources of income, new paying clients, consistent gambling wins, or more online sales, the new GAIN$ video money charm will give you a magical nudge in building the level of wealth you want.

It’s new-school magic using charmed video imagery, combined with the tried & tested methods used in our reality-shaping spells, MASCOTS, and audio-based enchantments like awaken.mp3 and magic.mp3.

 Step 1: Open up Gains.mp4 

Your charm is ready to download or stream online anytime on any device: smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

 Step 2: Watch the video 

Relax, hit play, and focus on the video.

 Step 3: Done 

Repeat as often as you like to enhance the effects.

Featuring 7 powerful charms

The GAIN$ money charm is based on the core intent:

Money always available
The idea of financial freedom and independence

We then created 6 more charms to help manifest that desired experience:

Ever-growing bank account
Consistent income

Opportunities to generate wealth
Abundance of valuable possessions or money

Money-making miracles
Good luck for your pursuit of wealth, including discovering money-making ideas and offers, getting a pay raise, winning money from gambling, finding influencers and other useful business connections who can help you, and more

Luxury lifestyle
Having the best of anything

Accelerated profits
Optimize your money making potential

Buy anything I want
This charm aims high in order for you to reach a point where you can purchase daily essentials and the things you desire most

A 7-minute video spell

● Real magic + neuroscience + psychology
Embedded frequencies and extraOddinary’s secret sonic sauce specifically for enhancing the effects

● Clutter-free
No guided meditation, hypnosis, affirmations, words, subliminals

● Efficient enchantment
7-minute high-quality video for quick viewing anytime, anywhere

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