Go from stranger to her new crush

Confidently approach, effortlessly charm, and make a sparkling impression that earns trust & turns her on

Innovative blend of energy work. Creative wingman-like servitor. Unique field.

Made for both men and women.

Genuine charm, attraction, seduction, appeal, desire… are powerful emotional responses that can be caused in various ways:

A handsome face, beauty.
Remarkable talent.
Being unattainable.
A muscular body.
Having similar interests, principles, approach to life.
A sense of connection.
An unexplainable something about them.
…and so on.

The Effect aims at the heart (and brain) to ignite this same response within those you are attracted to.

Go beyond “getting more looks”. Make close connection and leave a powerful, lasting imprint

Designed for men and women, The Effect works harder and goes further than any other seduction spell… and gives you more opportunities… through an innovative blend of energy work, along with a helpful wingman-like servitor, and one-of-a-kind field…

red-circle Become more desirable while being true to yourself

Ignite a flow of seductive energy that women (or men) feel sexually compelled towards – perfect for thoughtful, intelligent men who want to attract women without having to be someone they’re not.

blue-circle Stay relaxed and in a confident state

The Effect includes confidence and mental shifting elements so that you can easily approach the women you’re attracted to, without fear. Discover enhanced self image, belief, worthiness… tame anxiety & negative thoughts… and boost confidence.

pink-circle Create connection and trust

Gently instil a sense of one-ness, likeability, and connection that naturally leads her to continue the conversation and get to know you. See servitor details below for more on remote influence.

orange-circle Stand out and release warmth

Catch more eyes and stand out with a beautifully warm aura and attractive energy field. You’ll be seen and felt as more approachable, creating more organic opportunities with women (they approach you).

black-circle 2 specially-programmed, wingman-like servitors for support

Although you’ll effect everyone in your close range, you’ll have certain targets in mind. That’s why we’ve created:

Servitor #1: Wingman

Sets her up before you’ve met, and influences her psychology to create connection
Lowers her mental barriers & resistance and instils likability, to give you a fair chance and more of her attention
Other remote influence abilities

Servitor #2: Latcher

After you’ve met or exchanged numbers, choose this servitor to lock to your target… and it will continue the seduction process by instilling feelings, thoughts, and positive associations… long after you’ve parted or gone home. (Simply call it back whenever you like using the instructions provided.)

The Sessions

The Effect is cast over 3 days.

The first night: session 1 for attraction and aura elements.
24 hours later: session 2 for confidence and mental shifting elements.
Another 24 hours later: session 3 for remote influence elements, your field, and creation of your 2 servitors.

This process can fit into 2 days if you want it slightly quicker.

With The Effect you’ll get…


• Magick based on psionics, chaos magick, remote influence

The Effect core elements: attraction, aura, confidence and mental shifting, remote influence

• 2 creative wingman-like servitors for support

• Unique field

• Simple easy-to-use instructions