Get ahead in life. With a genie-like entity that is ever-ready to guide you towards positive outcomes.

Companion is a “magic servant” that has been used for decades to power our own manifestations, and perform spells for thousands around the globe. For the first time ever: this special wizard servitor is available directly for you to work your own enchantments.

Skip years of serious time (and energy) needed to
raise a high-skill wizard servitor by yourself

🟣 Ready to listen to your specific desires or be left on auto-pilot
🟣 Continuously charged. No maintenance required on your side
🟣 100% safe, spook-free, karma-friendly. No evil spirits involved, ever

Get consistent results that meaningfully change your life

Although this is much more than a servitor, that’s the easiest way to describe it.

So, for simplicity: A servitor is an entity, capable of granting wishes when summoned. It’s a companion or personal assistant that can help you manifest your goals and dreams, and make life easier in general.

This is how the process works:

1️⃣ Choose a home for your wizard servitor (or let it roam free)

Send a photo of the object you would like to house Companion on. This could be almost anything, like a rock or stone, jewelry (like a ring), crystal, talisman; any meaningful prop. Choose something you know you’ll take care of.

*If you wish, you can have a Companion roam free without any object involved. More details here.

2️⃣ Establish a connection

Once we’ve “cloned” your very own genie, it’s ready to use! Play the included initiation tool to engage it and get the magic flowing. And because it’s linked to our own master servitor (charged every day,) your companion becomes even more powerful over time, without any active involvement needed on your side.

3️⃣ Give it your own command or let it lead the way

Follow the simple steps any time you want to put your wizard servitor to work. This can be as easy as imagining your goals come to life, or listening to one of your subliminal audios, or creating your own sigil — whatever you’re comfortable with.

If you don’t want to be too involved with the process, that’s fine too; your companion will know what it is you want from life.

positive feedback for companion

“I’ve got the Companion and the PDF & MP3. All are awesome and the Companion is very powerful. Even if I give Companion several tasks he will do all without splitting the power. Really awesome. Thanks for providing us all with such an awesome being.”

Magic you can do at any time all on your own. Without complex rituals, visualization, or meditation.

No need to drastically change your lifestyle or daily routine. Just follow along to a simple, clear, down-to-earth process to help you produce results that last.

⭐ Manifestation: Achieve your goals

Cast spells for wealth, personal development, romance, and more.

⭐ Remote influence: Plant ideas & messages

Project thoughts, feelings, and desires to influence others (or yourself.)

⭐ General use: Experience more things going your way

Switch on autopilot mode for good luck, meaningful coincidences, and positive changes.

positive review for extraoddinary companion

“…Very pleased with the provided guide and tools. You always go above and beyond with clear instructions so we can’t go wrong.”

What’s inside

Everything you need to bring your vision to fruition

Companion initiation tool

MP3 or video track for easy activation.

2 core communication methods

Command your magic-making entity.

3 Companion request tracks

Extra magical support when you need it. Three MP3s for musical variety.

3 bonus approaches

Step-by-step instructions for personal manifestation, remote influence, and psychic seduction.

Companion Book Cover

Featured inside: Spellwriting

Craft your own spells

Included in your user guide is a simple way to work with your Companion and create enchantments like the ones in our magic spells and ultra blends catalog.

“…Things are going well with the Companion. I already started seeing results. I gave them a name and I like that we can make our own spells just like you do.”

FAQs — Your questions answered

What is this “entity”?

Think of it as a sort of “magical genie” who seeks to do, or provide, whatever the person who controls it asks.

Can I physically see/hear/touch my Companion?

No. It is not a physical being.

What information do you need from me?

A photo of the object you would like to house your Companion on. And ideally (but not critical) your name, location (city/country), and DOB to create a secondary link to you.

How long does it take for you to complete the process?

We’ll email you within 1-2 business days with a session time. The session is done over 1 day. Then you are free to use your companion how ever you wish.

Do I get instructions or anything else?

Yes, you’ll get an activation tool, mp3s for extra support, and instructions so you know exactly how to use your genie.

How do I use it?

Instructions are inside your PDF guide, but here are a few useful notes:

• If you’ve used a servitor (or anything similar) in the past, you can continue doing what works for you.

• If this is your first time doing something like this, you have a few ways to make a magical request. This includes: writing down what you want to achieve, or mentally affirming (or saying out loud) what you want to achieve, or imagining your desired outcome, or symbol creation.

• If you don’t want to be actively involved, but still want positive things coming your way, simply use the activation tool and let things run on autopilot.

What’s the difference between Companion and regular spells?

There are lots of differences. Here’s the most important:

Done-for-you spells are generally for those who don’t want to be actively involved with the manifestation process.

This companion also takes care of things on auto-pilot, without you having to do anything… but it was primarily designed for those who want to direct a powerful servitor with more control. By themselves. In more specific ways.

I’m new to this sort of thing. Will it be difficult to get results?

Not at all. It doesn’t matter what level you’re at. Follow the simple instructions, and you can get results — even if you haven’t done anything like this before.

That said, you will have to spend some time doing the manifestation practice outlined in your PDF guide so that you can set a wish.

Will I need any extra tools?

Play the activation tool on any device like a desktop computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Your accompanying User Guide is in PDF format.

Is this “evil witchcraft” or black magic? Will I be making deals with any spirits?


Are there any negative side effects from having this Companion?

This method is completely safe. There are no negative side-effects. Of course, before working with the method, it’s important to be sure you’ll be satisfied with your desired outcome. You’re working powerful magic, so you should be careful what you wish for.

Who is this for?

Anyone who wants to do servitor magic for themselves or others, without having to put in the time to create and establish a connection with a new entity. That could be active manifestors, spell-casters, radionics & psionics practitioners, users of subliminals & hypnosis.

No, you don’t need to. It’s just that most people prefer it this way.

We can make it so your Companion “sticks around” whenever you need it to, without an object involved. Simply put in a request when we get in touch to schedule your spellwork.

Can my Companion be removed?

Yes, get in touch and we’ll do that for you.

I am a fellow spellcaster/competitor. I would like to use this for myself or on behalf of my clients. Is that okay?

Yes, absolutely. You’re welcome to use any of our tools to carry out magic work on behalf of other people. You just can’t (in any way) share or sell the actual files and information included in your downloads.

Side note: It is not possible for you to re-clone your companion to give to others. It is not possible to hand over control to someone else. Your companion is linked to you for your exclusive use! 👍

More questions?

Happy to answer them. Get in touch using the contact details on this page.

review for Companion

“It looks like it will replace most if not all the servitors I got from others. Thank you once again for creating truly excellent stuff.”

Perform wish-granting magic

Manifest specific goals with extraOddinary’s perfectly designed wizard servitor, working behind-the-scenes to improve and enhance your life.

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“This is a very interesting entity, definitely one of the most powerful I’ve worked with. I added it to my “toolkit” for both myself and my clients. From the first day it made things more efficient and helped take my working to the next level.”

— Pro Spellcaster

“…What you created with this is Powerful.”

“…I’ve been feeling much better overall, less stressed, and I’ve been getting in 5/6 gym sessions a week without procrastinating or feeling burned out. This thing is awesome!”

“…when meditating with the Companion, I get ideas on how to work with new magick. I feel its power and it’s weird because I’m not used to working with an entity that is so powerful and active.”

“Loving my companion. All the little wins I’m having feel great.”

Now it’s your turn to manifest your perfect destiny

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