Supercharge your magical intents

Featuring 9 magic-boosting power symbols, KAOS X Machine Circuit #001 enhances magical proficiency and results for manifestors of all levels.

Simply print your black & white Kx and place up to five custom goals into the charmed boxes inside. Create more as needed.


See the User Guide over here

‣ Nine symbols to power-up all your manifestation work

6 magic charms:

● Luck & fortune
● Unexpected miracles
● Synchronicities
● Opportunities
● Success
● Magical results

3 master sigils:

● Manifesting your desires
● Maximizing manifestation pathways
● Removing doubt to help you manifest desires with precision & success

‣ Direct the magic your way

Circuit #001 comes with space for adding five of your own intents. And if you want to more, simply print out another KAOS X Machine and place your additional intents there.

‣ How it works:

Like all KAOS X Machines, Circuit #001 is really simple to use:

Step 1: Print Circuit #001 onto paper of any size

Step 2: Familiarize yourself with the symbols

Step 3: Write your name in the space provided

Step 4: Place your intent inside the boxes. This could be a written statement, sigil you’ve worked on, a mascot, a verbal sigil or spoken spell you made, affirmations. Anything. (And we’ve included detailed tips for writing an effective magical statement.)

See for yourself how easy it is to use Circuit #001 in the official user guide over here.