Modern Candle Magic Spells for Beginners (2018 Update)

How to do candle magic

Candle magic is one of the oldest methods of manifestation and continues to be at the heart of magical workings for novice and experienced magicians everywhere.

In this quick & simple step-by-step candle magic tutorial for beginners, you’re going to learn:

• What candle magic spells are
• How candle magic really works
• How to manifest a range of desires with candle magic
• What you’ll need to cast your own candle magic spell
• How to do candle magic, step-by-step
• How to get real results with candle magic

Let’s get going!

What is candle magic?

Candle magic is essentially meditating on a burning candle while expressing a desire you want to manifest. It’s a simple yet powerful manifestation technique, often compared to the experience of making a wish before blowing out candles on a birthday cake.


How does candle magic work?

If you want to manifest anything into reality, you have to implant the idea in your subconscious mind.

And to do that, you have to achieve what’s known as the alpha state: that place between awake and asleep that you can access while focusing on the candle.

What’s so special about the alpha state?

In the alpha state, the subconscious mind becomes like a porous sponge, absorbing any information you might give it.

Letting the guard down of your subconscious membrane — the wall that ensures every tiny detail isn’t logged in your subconscious — you can rewire it exactly how you see fit, focusing on your whatever outcome you most desire.

This is like manufacturing the perfect conditions to unlock your subconscious.


Key point:

Focusing on the flame helps you easily drift into a state that’s ideal for magic: the alpha state. In this relaxed state, your subconscious mind is “open” and this allows you to communicate directly and tell it what to do

While meditating over the candle, you have several options as to how you can communicate your desire. You could:

• paint a mental picture of your desired outcome (mental imagery)
• visualize a sigil (a symbol of your desire)
• chant a verbal sigil (a mantra based on your wish)

Whichever you choose, once you’ve expressed that desire, your subconscious will work on making it a reality.

Indeed, candle magic can produce a wide variety of magical results, from obtaining physical desires like a new mountain bike to creating positive psychological changes like improving confidence.

What you need for candle magic

Candle magic doesn’t require any expensive tools, you don’t have to get dressed up in flowing robes and grow a beard down to your knees, and even better, you can do it right in the comfort of your own home. Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

• A candle of any size, shape, or color

• A lighter or match to light the candle

• A dark or dimly lit room where you can sit comfortably and won’t be disturbed

• A prepared visualization, or sigil, or mantra

Manifest your desires with candle magic

Part I: Plan your candle magic ritual

Before you actually perform candle magic, it helps to prepare. This part is about deciding on your intent and the method you’re going to use to communicate it.

Step 1: Create your statement of intent

All manifestation techniques start with deciding what you want. This is known as creating your statement of intent.

If you need a refresher on how to do this, simply click to our article on how to craft an effective statement of intent.

Here’s a recap:

• Set a clear goal
• Use positive words
• Use the present tense
• Describe the final state
• Know the consequences
• Optional: Drop the prefixes, like “I HAVE” or “I AM”


would be much better than

Step 2: Choose your method of communication

When you’re meditating on the candle, in the alpha state, you’ll need to express it in a way your subconscious mind can understand easily. Here are three ways you could do that:

• Visualization

Imagining your desired outcome is an effective way to marshal your subconscious forces to a cause. That’s because imagined stimuli translates your desires into your subconscious’ native tongue – the language of emotion.

If you choose to go the visualization route, you’ll need craft a sensory-rich imaginary scene from the intent you chose in the first step. In this scene, you are experiencing the fruits of your desire in real-time.

Check out our step-by-step guide on visualization for more tips, including how to craft an effective scene.

• Sigil magic

Another way to communicate your intent to your subconscious is through symbols. That’s because the native language of our subconscious is the language of symbolism.

If you choose to go with sigil magic, you’ll need to craft a sigil from the intent you chose in the first step. This sigil will be a symbolic representation of your desired outcome.

Check out our article on how to make a sigil for an in-depth discussion on sigil magic.

• Mantra

Chanting a verbal sigil in the alpha state is an effective way to implant magical intent into the subconscious. This mantra will be a symbolic representation of your desired outcome in sound form.

To do this, you’ll need to craft a verbal sigil from the intent you chose in the first step. We’ve previously discussed how to make a verbal sigil.

Tip: You can also power up your working by incorporating two (or all three) of these approaches together in the same ritual.

Part II: Your candle magic ritual

Now that you’ve decided your magical intent (and created a visualization, sigil, or mantra based on it), you’re ready to perform candle magic.

Step 1: Light the candle

When you’re ready to begin, place the candle somewhere safe in front of you and light it with a lighter or match.

Step 2: Gaze into the flame

Focus on the burning candle. Clear your mind. Breathe deep and wind down slowly as you meditate on the flame. In this relaxed state, you’ll be opening up your subconscious for your magical intent to slip through.

Step 3: Communicate your magical intent

Take your time communicating your desire with the method you chose earlier in the planning stage.

• If you chose visualization, play out your sensory-rich scene, and feel – in the emotional sense of the word – like you are really experiencing the scene. Hone in on those feelings and intensify them.

• If you created a sigil, hold the image of your sigil in your mind. See your symbol as just a picture. Of course, your subconscious mind will absorb the hidden meaning of the symbol as you visualize it.

• If you chose to work with a mantra, chant it at a comfortable volume, or simply recite it in your mind. Like graphic sigils, the hidden meaning will be registered by your subconscious each time it’s spoken.

As you do this, your intent will float gently into the corridors of your deep mind. This trance-like state, where you focus on your desire and nothing else, uninterrupted, will embed your magical intent and begin your journey to achieving that desire.

Step 4: End ritual

When you feel satisfied with your work, blow out the candle. Watch the floating puffs of smoke as you acknowledge that the ritual is complete. Let go with a feeling of knowing you’ve done what’s needed for your desire to manifest.

There you have it: candle magic

Candle magic is a powerful way to focus your subconscious mind on whatever outcome you desire.

Here’s a quick summary of the candle magic ritual you just learned:

1) Create a visualization, sigil, or mantra based on your desire

2) Gaze into a burning candle until you drift into a relaxed state

3) Communicate your intent through your chosen method, which could be visualizing your desired outcome, holding the image of a sigil in your mind’s eye, or chanting a verbal sigil

What do you do after your candle magic ritual? Check out the three important things to keep in mind when you’re trying to make your goals a reality.

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