Candle Magic

How to do candle magic

Light a candle, make a wish

Ever made a wish over a birthday cake?

Was that a Yes?

If so, you may not have known it: You’ve actually done candle magic!

This tradition of making a wish and blowing out candles is based on three magical principles: Visualization, Concentration, and Will power.

The birthday boy/gal visualizes the desired outcome (makes a wish), concentrates (blows out candles), and trusts that their wish will come true (will power).

Candle magic, one of the oldest and most common methods of spell casting, continues to be at the heart of magical workings for novice and experienced magicians everywhere.

How the heck can lighting a candle manifest anything into the real world?

Good question.

Some try to explain why candle magic works with vague theories…

“The element of fire in the candle’s flame carries the mage’s wish into the astral.”

Interesting. But such superstitions leave many questioning whether this is truly an effective form of magic.

Others like myself hold a more scientific point of view:

“The candle is a prop that helps you focus, amplify, and project your intent. Ritual elements are just methods of distracting your conscious mind, so that your subconscious mind can work without interference.”

This scientific approach to candle magic means we don’t need to fuss over things that are traditionally … fussed over: The quality of the wax in the candle, the colors, the fragrance, the timing of the ritual, what the moon’s doing, which specific herbs & oils.

None of those things matter if the candle is simply a focusing point to help the magician.

Whatever your school of thought, candle magic is an excellent way for anyone to start casting effective spells today.

And it’s super simple and easy to do: no elaborate ceremonies, no contacting spirits, and no sitting in a fancy robe at an altar – just a couple of props for a ritual that can be performed in your home.

So let’s get to it. Here’s the all-you-gotta-know on the glittering, shimmering, flickering world of candle magic…

What you’ll need for casting spells with candle magic

1) A clean candle that hasn’t been used. Any shape or size. I recommend you go with a simple candle, so that you’re not distracted.

Tip: Get your candles from wherever you want. These don’t have to be expensive or high quality. Buying cheap IKEA tea lights in bulk is perfectly okay.

2) Something to light the candle

Tip: A lighter or match will do the job. (And despite what some say, you don’t need a fancy candlesnuffer to put out the flame. Just blow it out at the end.)

3) A comfortable, distraction free place

Tip: You should work in a dark room or switch off the lights.

4) A marker pen

Tip: Use this if you’re going to add names or symbols onto your candle. No need for engraving things with fancy-schmancy pointy crystals.

5) A clear and focused mind.

Tip: This is key in magick.

6) Optional: An appropriate mantra or verbal sigil for your ritual. Here’s our article on how to construct a mantra or verbal sigil. (Opens in a new window.)

Tip: This can help you focus on your desire during your candle magic ritual.

Choosing the color of your candle

Want to skip this step? Just go with a nice ‘n easy white candle.

Although it isn’t critical, choosing the color of your candle may help with putting you in the right state. It depends on … well, you.

Choose the color you feel is suitable for your purpose. Let’s say your ritual is centered on money … what color do you feel or associate with money?

White candles can be used for anything, and can be used specifically for purification, purity, harmony, enlightenment, safety, protection, transformation, enlightenment, connection to higher self, becoming more outgoing, relieving shyness, the cycle of life, freedom, health, initiation.

(Just so we don’t bore you with a whole list of colors and their individual symbolic energy, check out the full table on Witchipedia.)

How to manifest your desires with candle magic

Here’s a quick and straightforward ritual to be used for all positive desires:

1. Hold the candle when you’re ready to begin.

2. Breathe deeply and relax. Define the purpose of your ritual/spell by visualizing your end goal. What’s your intent? Your purpose… the what. (Forget about the how it will all happen.) Focus on holding in your mind the details of your desired outcome.

3. Direct this energy towards the candle you have between your hands.

4. State out loud in simple terms the purpose of your magical ritual (what needs to occur).

5. Place the candle somewhere safe in front of you, and light the candle with a lighter or match.

6. Hover your hands around the candle’s flame. Feel the warmth and the energy.

7. Stay relaxed. For (at least) 7 minutes, visualize strongly and focus on your desired end result. Try to imagine your ideal future setting with your desire already manifested – think about how you would feel, and your surroundings.

Recommended: While visualizing, you may also want to chant your own mantra or verbal sigil. Here’s how to make a verbal sigil. (Opens in a new window.)

As you direct your efforts towards the candle, you may drift into a new or heightened state. (You’ll snap out of it once you finish.)

8. Once you’re satisfied, blow out the candle. Watch the floating puffs of smoke as you acknowledge that the ritual is complete.

There you have it: Candle magic

Simple, inexpensive, and perhaps underestimated – candle magic ritual has a powerful psychological effect that you can use to drop your intention into your subconscious mind (…or whatever happens for the magic to happen.)

1) While holding a candle, relax as you visualize your goal, directing this energy towards the candle.

2) Say out loud in simple terms your end goal.

3) Light the candle, and begin visualizing your desire. It helps to chant an appropriate mantra.

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