Your miracle starts here

extraOddinary was set up in 2012 as a “Reality Enhancement Company”, on a mission to simplify magick for beginners. Along the way we’ve also helped accomplished spellcasters enhance their abilities.

We also teach a neat masterclass on how to cast magic spells.

When you choose extraOddinary magick spells, we:

Make it super easy for you to get awesome results

You don’t have to know anything about magick or how it works. Most of our spells are the “let it work” kind, meaning we do everything on our side… and you don’t have to do any specific rituals. There are some sophisticated spells that come with easy-to-apply, simple and well-written instructions to get fast results.

Answer your emails: pronto

Whether you need support or you’re just saying hi to catch up, a knowledgeable spell caster/energy worker will email you within 24 hours. You’re often able to get a few detailed messages back-and-forth with us in a day.

Start your request ASAP

We know: you want to get a started right away. Usually your request is confirmed same day with a time+date for casting that is within 48 hours.

Work on your request feeling 110%

Because we only schedule 2 requests per day/5 days a week… we make sure you always get undivided attention and maximum possible energy behind you.

Give back and support GOSH

10% of each request goes back to Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity to support world-class care and pioneer new treatments and cures for childhood illnesses.
We’ve done it since 2012… and we always will.