See the Unseen

Unmask your true awareness

New psi-charm 3E was built to speed-up the process of opening your third eye – helping you increase your level of consciousness, insight, and intuition.

Benefits of awakening your
third eye include…

• Less stress, anxiety, worry
• Razor sharp intuition and insight
• Enhanced imagination
• Better ability to manifest the life you desire
• Improved decisiveness, clarity, concentration

…and much more

Consistently advance using recommended exercises

For serious users, we’ve included progressive third eye awakening techniques for developing your awareness, and to help you naturally gain more intuitive flashes of insight about yourself, others, and your environment.

Skip the theory (stick to practice)

3E is for anyone who already has a basic understanding of the third eye – so we’re gonna get going pretty fast. Third eye “background information” and general theory is not covered. (‘Cos we’ve already discussed the basic concepts over here.)

Follow straightforward instructions to easily activate your charm. For additional awesome: get going with the suggested simple routines whenever you can, or continue your own practice.


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Unmask your true awareness

• 3E charm helps you open your third eye

• Full clear instructions to activate your charm

• Progressive third eye awakening techniques